Gypsum, molding, stucco.
Art forging
The forgings most exquisite forms
Art casting
Art casting of any complexity
Picture frames
Manufacture of frames for the most demanding customers

Welcome to our website. We suggest you to look at some of our work. We are looking forward to a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship.

Best regards, artistic director of the workshops

Sergey Pushkin.


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SERGEY PUSHKIN art workshops are ready to execute the following tasks:

  • architectural design & interior design
  • stucco moulding
  • concrete moulding
  • gilding works
  • art forgings
  • art casting
  • landscape architecture and garden furniture
  • casted winding stairs

Facades & interiors stucco moulding decoration

Facades & interiors plaster or concrete moulding decoration of the highest class is our workshop’s priority.

Ancient moulding details

We’ve collected an extensive library of antiquarian and up-to-date editions illustrating the architectural styles and in particular the plaster moldings application in architecture. Our artists know the molding design in all its minutest details.

Individual moulding details desing

Chosing the right solution we start from existing space and client’s request but not from details we have at the warehouse. All big architectural projects we’ve done are unique. For every new projectwe prepare new sketches and discuss them with our client, we create new architectural shapes for moulding details.

Also we are glad to propose some variants of moulding details for urban habitation designs (low ceiling hight); these details were produced in small circulation (3-5 sets).

Materials we use in wour work

Traditionally interior mouldings are produced from gypsum. In cases of atmospheric influence or mechanical loads (facades, pools, fountains etc.) we use concrete moulding instead of gypsum one.

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